Know Thyself: Staying in Touch with the Ever Changing You

When you type “know thyself” into Google, you can see that this quaint little aphorism has been a part of the lexicon for ages. We’re talking since Ancient Greek times, people!

I like to think that the pervasiveness of this phrase speaks volumes about its importance. After all, you are the only person on this Earth who spends every waking moment with yourself. And therein lies the issue–it’s my hunch that we take this fact for granted, that we fail to check in with ourselves regularly, missing out on the chance to assess our wants/needs/desires/values as they inevitably evolve over time.

Let’s face it–these things aren’t static. What you wanted or considered valuable yesterday might no longer hold true today. We live in a society that constantly challenges our opinions and beliefs, and there’s something really beautiful about that–it gives us the opportunity to change and grow along with our experiences (and with the experiences of others, thanks to a lovely thing called empathy). But like I said earlier, I don’t think we do a very good job of keeping up with our own internal pace of change, which can directly lead to breakdowns/quarter-life crises/general, ambiguous feelings of friction between what we’re doing and how we’re feeling.

With that in mind, I’m challenging myself to deeply reflect on my experiences at least twice a month. The goal here is to stay in touch with myself such that I am not suddenly surprised whenever disruptive personal growth or change occurs. My hunch is that this will keep me grounded in my intuition instead of constantly seeking advice from outward sources. And that’s the interesting part here–although I will be sharing these check-ins, the intention isn’t to broadcast them as a source of truth. Rather, my intention is to demonstrate how I navigate this process in the hopes that you could apply it yourself, ultimately drawing your own conclusions and discovering your own sage wisdom along the way.

Without further ado, let the accountability begin with my much-needed post-Thanksgiving self check-in.

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