Welcome! My name is Abby, and I’m a twenty-something female who’s convinced that mindfulness is the key to achieving holistic wellness and balance in life.

Before I go any further, I want to admit that the first 25 years of my life have not been spent mindfully. I have a strong intuition that I rely heavily upon when making decisions, but until just recently, mindfulness was a foreign concept. I first discovered mindfulness when I had no other choice–a few months after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in business, I was working at my “dream job,” living in a new city, embarking on a life of my own. But I felt an inexplicable void inside of me: Is this it? Is this the life I envisioned for myself? What do I do now? What’s next? Up until that point, the momentum of perpetual achievement had kept me afloat. In high school, I was focused on getting into the honors program at Ohio State. In college, I was focused on landing a job at a prestigious consulting firm. Now that I had checked those things off the list, I had no clue what I was striving to achieve. I had even less of a clue of how to build a life for myself because I no longer knew what I wanted. The path was suddenly unclear, and I was uninspired.

In my spare time, I stumbled upon the Mind Body Musings podcast by Maddy Moon, as well as the Let It Out podcast by Katie Dalebout (at the time, it was called The Wellness Wonderland Radio). At the time, Maddy and Katie discussed the importance of tapping in to one’s intuition, living in alignment with one’s values, and utilizing vulnerability to establish connection. I was totally hooked. For the first time, I began to mentally process and challenge the limiting beliefs I held about myself. I realized that I had been involved in two emotionally abusive relationships in the past, that I was still participating in disordered thoughts and actions related to food and exercise, and that I ultimately had no clue what my true values were, among a multitude of additional revelations. I accepted that I had been living in a way that craved and sought the validation and love of others, and that I had developed long-standing habits and beliefs that reinforced this overarching goal. And for the first time, I granted myself permission to explore what it would feel like if I reinvented those habits and beliefs, in order to empower myself and shape my own damn life.

Admittedly, this process has been slow and arduous. I first began listening to Maddy and Katie in the summer of 2015, and I am still re-shaping my thoughts and behaviors to better align with my own values and desires. Every day, I am re-discovering what’s important to me, what causes I am willing to serve, and how I want to show up in the world. By mindfully integrating the following pillars into my life, I intend to strike a balance between chasing my own desires and living in alignment with the world we live in:

  • Current Events & Activism
  • Environmentalism
  • Community
  • Career
  • Wellness

My ultimate goal is to build a life that’s rich and full and rooted in love, that empowers me to make a meaningful impact on this world. Follow along as I embark on this journey, and feel free to join me!